David's Control Knobs
Hand Carved Boxwood Netsuke Knobs for Electric Wheelchairs

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Tiger - China
2.25"H X 1.5"L
$23.00 BW43​​
Eagle - China
1.5"H X 1.75"W
$23.00 BW44​​
Skeleton - China
1.5"H X 1.5"L
$32.00 BW45​​
Skull - China
 1.5"H X 1.75"L
 $28.00 BW46​​
Skull - China
1.5"H X 1.75"L
 $28.00 BW47​​
Rabbit - China
1.5"H X 2.5"L
 $23.00 BW48​​
Rat - China
2.25"H X 1.5"L
$23.00 BW49​​
Skull - Hong Kong
 1.5"H X 1.75"L
 $28.00 BW50​
Dragon - China
 2"H X 2"L
 $23.00 BW51​​
Rooster - China
 2.5"H X 2"L
 $23.00 BW52​​
Pig - China
1"H X 3.5"L
$23.00​​ BW53